About Body Evolution

Body Evolution is proud to serve both Macon and Columbus with full-service, 24/7/365 gyms and CrossFit boxes that also feature personal training, fitness bootcamps, and even spray-tanning. Our gyms offers both cardio and weight machines as well as free weights, on-site showers and lockers, in addition to childcare for select group classes!


The History of Body Evolution

Mary Toole opened Body Evolution on a 28 year old’s shoestring budget in 2008 at 1045 Riverside Dr.  She saved for more than 4 years and was blessed with the opportunity to pay for all equipment in cash, which has been her business motto since.  However, just a short while in to business the historic location flooded with more than 18 inches of water.  Fortunately, she had established some amazing members and Harold and Mona Speir of Speir’s Electric came to the rescue and purchased the current location of 171 Spring St.  They renovated the building in less than a month and the Body Evolution family has continued to grow!  When you walk in the doors of the 24 hour gym and CrossFit box you will be greeted by our wonderful and smiling Alison who helps run the front desk or Mary, the owner herself.  You will see the walls covered in photos of members who have conquered great achievements and feel inspired by the energy of people on personal missions; ranging from training for a couch to 5K, a marathon, a triathalon, a bodybuilding or figure show, CrossFit regionals, a powerlift meet, or people like Mr. Jim who just want to keep his cholesterol low and be healthier.  Body Evolution is a gym for anyone with a goal!  We want members who are ready to take on whatever they see as a challenge and overcome it! Body Evolution offers a variety of ways to achieve your goals; personal training, Boot Camps, CrossFit, and full access to a gym where you aren’t just a member, but part of the family!


About the CEO

jettJett James Cain, the CEO and CFO of Body Evolution and Gorilla CrossFit and Hot Box CrossFit, is pictured here showing his dedication to his trade sportin’ his Gorilla Gear. At only 10 months of age he is the world’s youngest owner and fitness enthusiast in the industry. He joined Body Evolution in January of 2013 and has led them to great heights in a short time with the opening of the new Columbus location November 2013, the expansion and build out of the Macon location in July 2013, and has a great vision for the future of the company. He is a firm believer in the power of creating a fitness family because a family that trains together stays together. He is not only the world’s youngest CEO but also the ONLY CEO who will let you feed him and change him and it won’t compromise your membership or staff status in the company. He does tend to be a ladies man and in the gym business that can be dangerous so fellas keep those fit babes close to you. With 10 inch thighs and a barrel chest his exercise and business motto is “if you can’t go BIG, go home.”